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If you have a question about BMW parts and accessories, please contact us. We have more than 20 years of experience with BMW cars, and can provide you with answers to almost any questions about the fine Bavarian cars. We respond quickly to phone, email or via Facebook (messenger) inquiries.

Questions about BMW parts? Contact us today!

KOED has been working exclusively with BMW cars and parts since 1993, and we would love to share this extensive experience and knowledge with you. Our great knowledge about BMW enables us to respond to almost any query about the BMW brand, whether it's spare parts, accessories, special inquiries, repairs guides and much more. If you happen to have a question that we can not answer, we are always able to refer you to other trusted sources in our network, that have knowledge of the specific challenge you have.

It's easy to get in touch with us

We are ready by phone +45 86 39 29 00 and by e-mail Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm CET and Friday at 8 am to 3 pm CET. Are you a SoMe kind of person, you can also write to us via our Facebook page. When you make your inquiry, you can make the process significantly faster if you come prepared with the chassis number (VIN) of the car in question.

Get a quick response to your request

Our first priority is always to provide high quality customer service, but this is followed closely by quick response time. As we always follow any inquiries through to the end, there may be a short waiting time on the phone at some times, as it is not always possible for us to reply to emails or inquiries via Facebook instantly. However, no one will be forgotten and we take great pride in responding to all inquiries as soon as possible. Therefore, we can guarantee that everyone receives response to requests on the next business day, but typically much sooner.

The KOED team


Brian Svalgaard, Koed A/S
Brian Svalgaard
Sales manager

Michael Bliss, Koed A/S
Michael Bliss

Magnus Gude, Koed A/S
Magnus Gude

Purchase and logistics

Henrik Høstrup Sørensen, Koed A/S
Henrik Høstrup Sørensen

Otto Jensen, Koed A/S
Otto Jensen

Claus Weel, Koed A/S
Claus Weel


Kirsten Kroer, Koed A/S
Kirsten Kroer

Kathrine Kroer Søgaard, Koed A/S
Kathrine Kroer Søgaard

Anders Aagaard, Koed A/S
Anders Aagaard

Nikolaj Bregnhøj, Koed A/S
Nikolaj Bregnhøj

BMW Recycling

Claus Sørensen, Koed A/S
Claus Sørensen
Department manager

Henrik Vilhelmsen

Warehouse and Shipping

Klaus Bæk Knudsen, Lagerchef Koed A/S
Klaus Bæk Knudsen
Warehouse manager

Christian Jendreizik, Koed A/S
Christian Jendreizik

Simon Tander, Koed A/S
Simon Tander
Stock trainee

Yuriy Cherinko, Koed A/S
Yuriy Cherinko

Theis Veje Nielsen, Koed A/S
Theis Veje Nielsen
Stock trainee

Mikkel Berg, Koed A/S
Mikkel Berg
Stock trainee

Mads Bødker, Koed A/S
Mads Bødker


Nyhåbsvej 16-18
DK8560 Kolind

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