Campaign oil LL-04 (10L)

5w-30, Longlife 2004
Quality: Original BMW
Price: Unknown
1 - 2 days delivery
Tax (tires, bulbs, oils etc.) DKK 25,70

BMW Longlife-04 engine oils were developed to guarantee an optimum service life of the diesel particulate filters and petrol particulate filters.

BMW Longlife-04 engine oils are released worldwide for all diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filter and for all petrol engines with petrol particulate filter. BMW Longlife-04 engine oils are approved for petrol engines without petrol particulate filter only for the European region including Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

On models with Twin Turbo, we recommend the Longlife-04 TPT oil.

  • Not released for BMW E46 M3 (S54)
  • Not released for BMW E6X M5/6 (S85)
  • Not released for BMW E9x M3 (S65)
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